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Hi, I'm DJ Smoothtalker!

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Some of you may know me as Detrichunter, one of the hottest DJs of the Mean Girls guild on Star Wars: The Old Republic. Others of you know me as DJ Smoothtalker from my days DJing on MMO Radio for American Trucking Simulator and FiveM. These days I spend my time racing with the WFO Racing Network, chilling with my kids, and wrecking 'Pubs in PVP. You will typically find me live DJing every Thursday Night, with a few breaks therein, but I have the stream set up to stream 24/7 just for you! I've been DJing since November of 2021.
I love to just play music and let people be people; while laughing and joking along the way until my final performance has come.

My Racing League:

WFO Racing League Logo

WFO Racing Network

WFO Race League is a group of drivers with a similar vision to help others. Together we want to promote exciting Sim Racing in a fun environment.
  K&N Pro Series / Twisted Tuesday - Every Tuesday
  TRUCK / Wicked Wednesday - Every Wednesday
  Tune In Live on YouTube! Livestreams

My SWTOR Guilds:

Mean Girls Neon Logo

<Mean Girls>

Mean Girls is an 19 year old guild that enjoys having fun in tons of different games. Our SWTOR presence isn't very old yet, but we're a guild that's built to last!!
   Website Coming Soon

Foundation Inc Logo

<Foundation Inc.>

Foundation Inc. is a a Republic side guild that is relatively new. Founded at game launch, this SWTOR guild has been around for ages! They currently do operations nightly and I usually play every night with them. If you want to hang out with us, join the Discord above!